The company STX Entertainment is founded by a businessman and a well known American film producer Robert Simonds. This famous personality is also known as Bob Simonds. Bill McGlashan is the co founder of this company and he is also a managing partner of the leading global private firm TPG. There exist other investors too. They are PCCW which is the largest internet and cable service provider of South East Asia, Tencent Holdings a leading online product and service provider, Hony Capital which is a private equity firm in China. Dominic Ng the chairman of East West bank is also in the list of investors along with the other two; they are former Chairman and CEO of the Wm and DNS Capital.

The Chief Executive Officer the CEO of STX Entertainment is Robert Simonds. He was born in 1964 and is a degree holder of Yale University. He is one of the fruitful, productive and beneficial film producer and an entrepreneur. Bob Simonds is on the hook for 30 considerable studio titles those have generated over and above $6 billion worldwide profit. About more than two decagon, Mr. Simonds has put a point on approaching to entertainment which is talent directed, financially accurate and severe and also global in its commercial approach.

He has endowed STX decipher the value of the direct connection talent have with their fans, also connect Hong Kong and Hollywood and ahead. His focus is to also enable the consistent movement of the premium content through all platforms crosswise.

STX is noted to keep budgets in the $20M-$60M range and started an international division to diminish and lighten the risk, but it has made some wrong moves with pictures like “Free State of Jones” which pulled in only $25M on a production budget of about $50M.

Additional activities from STX have been a mixed bag and have included all time successful “The Foreigner” which stars Middle Kingdom favorite Jackie Chan and is directed by Martin Campbell, Gringo along with Amazon Studios thereby staring Charlize Theron and Aaron Sorkin’s Molly’s Game that stares Jessica Chastain.

Recently, in last November this well known company STX Entertainment has received an investment from Liberty Global, John Malone’s international TV and broadband company. As part of the pole agreement, the chief programming officer of Liberty Global Bruce Mann has the board of directors at joined STX’s. The board of directors team of STX Entertainment is quiet weighty and colossal.