Auto Accident Lawyer is not an undisputable God. He is just your representative in court when you decide to get compensated for the personal injury – physical, financial and emotional – caused to you as a result of road accident. Seeking legal help for suing the accident offender in the hope of winning some big financial claim is a natural action anybody takes when gets badly hurt on Detroit roads. But, not all accidents qualify for filing the accidental claim. That is why; we are giving you a closer overview of what to do before hiring the auto accident lawyer in Detroit.

If you want Detroit auto accident lawyer to be successful in winning the compensation for you, you need to do some homework. You ought to be ready with:

a. Documented proof of the injury

No matter if you are using Ford C-Max used cars or anything else, in the event of an accident, your lawyer would need proof to present to the court that you are seriously hurt. So, your injury should be such that it can be detected in x-ray, EEG, CT Scan or any other mode of medical investigation. These films are your savior in the court and help the judge understand the gravity of your situation.

b. Case filed within three years of accident

No matter how badly hurt you are, you need to knock the doors of the court within three years of the day accident happened. Approaching the lawyer after three years of incident cannot earn you any hope of winning the compensation case. In fact, you will be barred from making any claim even in future if this timeline is not met.

c. Injury should be substantial

Even the rental car providers such as Ford C-Max personal contract hire said injury must be substantial. Not small scratches, but something critical like severe burn, crippled limbs or anything that affects your lifestyle adversely come under the auto accident injury worthy of filing for compensation.

So, make note of these points before seeking legal help so that you do not waste your time and energy in completing the legal procedures.