Small to midsized law firms have a team of lawyers, all of whom have a specialty practice. When you go out to find the corporate legal attorney for your business, it is crucial to make sure that they are available for every aspect of your business so that you are not disclosed to situations where a lawyer may not have the authority or experience to mitigate the issues. Due to this reason, it is essential to find a law firm that has lawyers for each of the business law practices below:

Employment Law

For your outside general corporate counsel, an experienced small Business & trademark lawyer NY is a must-have to manage compensation packages, employment contracts, stock options, separation agreements and lying off employees. A business lawyer NYC can also fill that role with ease so look out for a capable experienced lawyer.

Contract Law

A contract lawyer has the knowledge and experience to understand how a business operates and generates standard contract forms and hopefully brings the matter of disputes over the terms. This is an important resource to have in your depot. Apart from that, a business lawyer near me can bring cost savings to their clients because of the time saved and the level of skill brought to the table.

Mergers and Acquisitions

A knowledgeable business lawyer NYC will assist you in determining whether a business sale, merger or purchase is a good bargain for you from the very beginning of the due diligence process. This is a corporate law area where you should always have access to legal assistance. Attorneys that specialize in mergers and acquisitions make sure that the state and federal agencies that control these kinds of transactions are complied with. Antitrust regulations in the United States must be strictly followed, according to agencies like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) prevents manipulation, insider trading and other associated crimes from occurring during the transfer of assets and stocks.

Intellectual Property

Protecting your designs and material against piracy, theft and other forms of IP infringement is essential in the era of modern technology. You will need an intellectual property attorney or a small business lawyer Manhattan, NY who is familiar with your business to effectively develop a powerful intellectual property portfolio, regardless of whether you are patenting an idea, software or app or trade marking your trademarks. This is why it helps when the IP attorney collaborates with other business lawyers at the firm to inform on various deals and strategies that may require IP protection.

Commercial Litigation

The price of proactive legal counsel is frequently much less than the total of the court costs, fines or punitive settlements resulting from liability claims made against your company. This situation demonstrates the value of paying for a highly skilled business litigation counsel. Make sure the firm specializes in commercial litigation and has at least one experienced business lawyer NYC on staff.

Startup Law

A team of corporate lawyers and startup lawyers for LLCs, Corporations and Limited Partnerships will provide advice on the best structure and the best state to form it in when deciding what type of business structure you need, whether it’s for your startup or creating a holding company structure with various subsidiaries.

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