Accidents happen all the time. No matter how careful and conscientious you are, there is simply no way to guarantee your safety. The important thing is to have a mechanism in place to mitigate the financial consequences of an accident. The aim and function of insurance is to do exactly that. Insurance exists to provide you with the money and resources you need to get through the hardship of your accident.

If you have been injured on the job, the process of getting workers compensation should be pretty straightforward. Your company should have policy in place that explains the process of applying for workers comp benefits. If you meet the criteria, then you should have no trouble getting the money. But if this is not the case, if your claim is not immediately settled, then you should hire a lawyer who specializes in workers compensation Asheboro NC.

There may be no need to file suit immediately. There may be a perfectly reasonable explanation for why your claim has not been processed. Workers compensation forms are not always easy to understand. You may have filled the forms out incorrectly, or the slow-down may owe to bureaucratic bungling on the part of the insurer.

Your lawyer can help you sort out such matters quickly. They speak the language of the insurance industry and understand the processes in it. If your non-payment owes to a simple error, then your lawyer will get the problem resolved.

If the company’s insurers have flat out rejected your claim, then you may need to sue them. The first thing that the insurers will do after the accident is to conduct an investigation. They may lean on the results of this report to defend their rejection. Your attorney will carry out their own investigation into the accident. If there was negligence, inattention, or recklessness in furtherance of additional profit, your lawyer will find out about it.

Trust and confidence are at the heart of any attorney-client relationship. You must believe that your attorney can do what they say they can. You must have a good reason for believing that they can get the insurance company to relent. An attorney with a sound and solid track record of doing just that will give you the reason you need to go with them.

Jesse S. Shapiro is one such attorney. He is indeed one of the top workers comp attorneys in Asheboro NC. You cannot go wrong by working with him, and he will fight until you get every penny you are entitled to from the insurance company.

Being denied your rightful claim to workers compensation can be a frustrating experience. After it happens, you may just need someone to talk to. Your workers compensation attorney will be that person. Indeed, your lawyer will be eager to hear your side of the story. They will want you to recall the events that led up to the accident and all that happened afterward. Your story will form the basis of the legal strategy they subsequently develop.

Has your workers compensation claim been refused? You need help. A workers compensation Asheboro NC lawyer can help you get the money and resources you need.