When a couple is thinking of divorcing each other, they could picture themselves standing before a judge in a courtroom with their divorce attorney at their side, enormous legal expenses being taken out of their bank account, and the other spouse being recalcitrant in the other corner. A picture similar to this is shown to us in movies, but it isn’t always realistic; it isn’t the average representation.

There are several approaches to terminating a marriage. The strategy most suitable for a specific married couple will depend on their situation, the dynamics of their relationship, and the circumstances that now exist in their lives. Before settling on a method of divorce, the person getting a divorce should seek the counsel of an experienced Lake Forest Divorce Attorney knowledgeable about various divorce processes.

This attorney should be able to give the divorcing person an expert opinion on which method has the potential to be the most successful given the circumstances. If you are considering getting a divorce, the following is a rundown of the most typical kind of divorces, along with some information to assist you in making your decision:

  • Dissolution Of Marriage Litigation

When it comes to divorce, the typical approach is to go via the legal system. In a divorce of this kind, the parties often go before a family court judge to have their differences resolved via the divorce process. In this kind of divorce, the court makes all of the ultimate decisions about you, your spouse, and your family. Regarding divorce proceedings, going to court may take more time and be more expensive than the other options outlined below.

  • Collaborative Divorce

Couples working together in an atmosphere that encourages collaboration are surrounded by professionals who can assist them with typical family challenges such as financial issues such as child support and child custody, as well as communication issues such as divorce. The team members, including the parties themselves, collaborate to find a solution to the problems you are having with your domestic relations. The following are some of the questions about collaborative divorce that are asked the most frequently:

  • Mediation For Divorce

If you are in the process of having a divorce, you will need the aid of a divorce mediator to assist you in knowing your fundamental legal rights and duties. If you are in this process, you will need to acquire a divorce. Because of this, you will be able to make judgments on your attempts to reach a settlement that is mutually acceptable in a well-informed manner. The function of a mediator is often considered more as that of an educator and facilitator than as an advocate for either party involved in the conflict.


Before making a final decision on your divorce, you should consider all available choices seriously. The breakup of marriage looks different in everyone’s life. If both the parties to the marriage were reasonable and there are no assets that have been kept from view, then a collaborative divorce through mediation may be an option. However, if either party has doubts about the situation, litigation could be the appropriate course of action.

If you are going through a divorce, it is reassuring to know that you have options in the process that you are going through. You may contact expert divorce attorneys over the phone or online for further information on the many divorce options available to you.