Divorce cases in America are going down. 14.9 in every 1000 marriages ended in divorce in 2019. The lowest rate in over 50 years.

But even as the rate decreases, it is good to know some of the main causes of divorce. Is it extramarital affairs or financial issues?

The reasons are never exhaustive because your personality, family background, children, and anything in between can easily break up a home.

No matter the reason, a divorce shatters families and leaves open wounds. Here, we’ll look at the two most common reasons for divorce in America.

1. Unfaithfulness

Under many circumstances, infidelity is the last result in your mind. However, the dilemma starts at home with problems such as lack of affection – falling out of love, built-up anger, insecurity, and ineffective communication.

These feelings lead to a partner seeking solace and emotional relief elsewhere. What seems like an innocent friendship at work or in your common circles’ spirals into emotional unfaithfulness. Long before you know it, you have physically engaged with someone else.

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But the saddest twist about unfaithfulness is that while you sometimes can get away with it, cheating is an instant deal-breaker for most people.

However, you can save your marriage through guidance, better communication, and improvements in the way you live. Those attempts may fail where the cheating partner has no remorse for their actions at all.

2. Financial Issues

As earlier mentioned, in divorce cases, financial pressures are second to infidelity above. If you live paycheck-to-paycheck and money is never enough, your marriage is at risk. One of you might stray to cover up their struggles or, better yet, meet someone who temporarily seems to fix the money issue.

Another way finances affect marriages is when priorities and practices do not match up for affluent couples. For example, families with a significant income gap can quickly lead to power struggles, often pushing marriage to the point of breaking.

The takeaway is, regardless of your financial status, remember the reasons you got married in the first place and let money be the vessel to achieve those desires. You can additionally seek therapy on how to deal with money issues from a professional financial advisor.

There You Have It: The Most Common Reasons for Divorce

Happily ever after is the desire for any married couple. However, life happens, and you may find that divorce remains the only solution. While the most common reasons for divorce take time to unravel, keeping an eye out for trouble and opening the line on communication can help mitigate these problems.

Acknowledging the signs of an unhappy marriage sets you back in charge and gives you precious time to tackle your problems. If children are involved, look for ways to cushion their emotions throughout the process.

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