Taking up a career in law is difficult, of that there is no doubt. It takes years of hard work and studying to even get a foot on the bottom rung of the ladder never mind making your way to the top of the pile. Those who want a career in criminal law need to decide as early as they can, maybe when entering playschool is a couple of years premature, but not long after should be sufficient. To get into a good law course, they need to work hard in school. Once that is done, there are further years ahead of them working even harder in university and then again when they get into a law firm to do even more exams. Only the best of the best can become top criminal lawyers and each of them must possess the skills below which will help them work their way up. And who knows, one of Sydney criminal lawyers will help you someday.


This skill is probably not the first that comes to mind, but it is vital. Both written and oral communication skills are needed to successfully fight and win cases. The duties of a criminal lawyer are difficult and to perform them effectively, they will need communication skills that are honed and perfected from many hours of practice.

You need to be a confident speaker when it comes to presenting facts in front of a judge and jury, while pretrial, you will need to convince the person you a representing that you are the one for the job.

The work done pretrial is the most important and this is where writing skills will be tested, mostly to draft different legal documents. The language of law is technical, and the phrasing needs to be exact so not to give the opposition a chance to pick holes in your argument.


According to Papa Hughes, you will not become the criminal lawyer you want to be unless you are organised. You will be like that circus act spinning plates somehow managing to keep them all up in the air simultaneously. It’s not luck and it won’t be for you. Hours of work need to be applied to various aspects of cases and this is where you should know what needs the most attention and what can’t wait until later.

This organisation will impress any clients that you are working for and make their life easier while giving you a better chance of winning the case, which in the end is what it is all about.


The creme de la creme of criminal lawyers know the law back to front and inside out. They are experts when it comes to every aspect of it and can absorb new facts while then using them to their advantage with ease.

They can pick the crucial points of any argument and identify what is important moving forward and then use this to help a client. Legal documents are long and time consuming to read but the best criminal lawyers can grab the vital information from them and use this to their advantage.

Self Confidence

In the world of law, you cannot win every case. Lawyers will suffer multiple setbacks both during and after a case and ultimately in the end result. If a lawyer is going to be successful, they need to have the self confidence that is bullet proof. A resilience that shows through when all hope is lost. The opposition need to know that they haven’t won until the very last second. This self-confidence is plain to see in the best performers and has been developed after years of work.


There you have it, the skills that will get you to the top.