According to a recent report by Deloitte, the richer the nation, the more at risk a country is of cyber threats. And undoubtedly, the US and Britain have been identified as two of the biggest targets for cyber perpetrators.

Quoting the report sponsored by Intel’s cybersecurity solutions provider McAfee and released by the CSIS (Centre of Strategic and International Studies), cybercrime costs businesses-finance almost $400 billion all across the world.

Cybercrime erodes trade ties, global economic expansion and even innovation. With this in mind, we have outlined a list of effective strategies for businesses to follow so they can counter the rising threat of cyber-attacks.

  • Keep Updating Operating Systems

Your operating system or OS works as a central command for the desktop, smartphone and laptops and therefore remains a top priority on the list for hackers. Getting access to the OS means they can infiltrate all your digital networks and systems. They can then gain access to the entire system and can do whatever they want.

Make sure to update the OS on a regular basis and apply critical security fixes to the software of the OS. One best way to do this and to make it hassle-free is to set it to auto-update mode. With the help of these practices, there will be complete protection to the system from cyber threats.

  • Use Ad-Blockers

One common method that most hackers use for sneaking malicious code in the device is with the help of advertisements that usually appear on legitimate sites. It is important to keep in mind that these ads are full of codes and can destroy your entire security system.

It’s better not to click on any pop-up window appearing on the site. Simply install ad –blockers as it will work as an integral part of the end-point security strategy.

  • Encrypt Data

Online hackers are always on the lookout for any form of data from companies like routing digits of the bank to Social Security numbers of an employee. In case there is the provision of such form data, data encryption is a must-to-do step and should always be followed.

Businesses can ensure their data is completely safe with the help of full-disk encryption tools. The best thing is that these tools are available with most of the standard operating systems and it takes only a couple of minutes to install them.

  • Use Cloud Services

The use of cloud-based services has been extremely effective in ensuring security. Most businesses have started using cloud-based applications for data-storage as well as other purposes.

This is a beneficial and cost-effective solution for small businesses. Another great point is that cloud services enable a comprehensive security system, for just a nominal subscription package fee.

Even following the best measures in the world, one cannot guarantee that there will no hacking or phishing attacks on the site. It is likely there will be attempts to break the system, and it entirely depends on the robustness of the security measures a company is using. Following the steps discussed above will help in lessening the possibilities of being a victim of cyber-attacks in future.

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