Car accidents can happen anywhere, any time, and to anyone. Unfortunately, pregnant women are not exempt from this rule of life. Up to 5,000 fatal car accidents occur each year involving pregnant women.

A pregnant woman faces a unique situation when an accident occurs as there is the threat of potential injury to two victims: the expectant mother and the unborn child. It is, therefore, important that a pregnant woman knows when to get an attorney for a car accident.

Potential Health Risks

  1. Preterm Labor: an accident could trigger preterm labor which might force you to deliver your baby well before the due date. Premature births are risky and can result in a stillbirth or a baby who is permanently disabled.
  2. Placental Abruption: this is a very dangerous injury that occurs when the placenta detaches from the uterine wall. Any damage to the placenta could result in brain damage like cerebral palsy, tissue damage, and even a stillbirth
  3. Uterine Injury: a woman’s uterus is enlarged during pregnancy, which puts it at a heightened risk of injury. Any damage to the uterine wall due to an accident can place both the mother’s and child’s life in danger.


It is essential to immediately seek medical attention if you get into a car accident and pregnant. You might not feel any pain but your unborn baby could be in danger. An unborn baby is more susceptible to trauma from the second trimester onwards, which causes an additional risk of injury.

The doctor will order for an ultrasound to check on the baby and for any injuries in the uterus. If there are any injuries, you will be put on a treatment plan to treat them. The doctor could prescribe bed rest or recommend that you reduce any nonessential movement.4

While these treatments are essential to ascertain both you and the baby’s wellbeing, they are expensive.

Legal Options

You need to know exactly when to get an attorney for a car accident to ensure fault is appropriately assigned and car accident pregnant compensation is pursued. You are entitled to a car accident while pregnant settlement if the other driver was negligent. The settlement could include medical costs that you and your baby have incurred due to the accident. It is important to have the number of a personal injury lawyer in Gainesville, GA so you can focus on healing while they battle insurance companies for your rightful settlement.

Car Accident Lawyers Gainesville, GA

Finding a good lawyer ensures you do not get cheated out of your rightful settlement since you cannot fully understand the legal maneuverings of the other side. Contact St car accident lawyer in Gainesville, GA or a personal injury lawyer in Gainesville, GA to ensure you are correctly represented and receive compensation you deserve.