The arrest of a family member is indeed depressing. Trying to figure out what had happened and how to deal with the situation is quite difficult as well. If anyone of your family member has been arrested, and you are thinking what to do, you should follow some these steps given below-

  1. The Arrest

If you are with the family member who is arrested, make sure you are not arrested as well. Keep your mind calm. Do not interfere in the case and be polite when the police ask you about the family member and when he is being taken to jail. Try to gather information as much as you can like name of the officer, the jurisdiction, and charges related to the case and many more. If your relative is taken to the county jail, remind him that he can take help from the criminal defense attorney.

  1. Choose the Criminal Defense Lawyer

Next step is that you should decide whether you require calling the criminal defense attorney or not. If the arrest has happened during the working hours, inform the criminal defense attorney who can help you in the process.

  1. Appearance In Front Of the Court

The family member is then taken to the court for the hearing. It is called the initial appearance. The defendant will be informed about the charges that are put on him. The judge will also determine whether the family member should be taken to the jail before trial or he will be released. Before going for the hearing, it is very important to give yourself some time and be prepared with the answers you might be asked about your relative during the hearing. You should know the location where the hearing will take place so that you can reach there on time.

  1. Arranging for the bond

Once you know where your relative will be sent, you should know how much bond is required for release. If the bond is applicable, arrange the money if you are able to. Sometimes, the bond can be set quickly or else you can take help from the bail bondsman who has experience and knowledge in this field. The bail agent will help you to arrange the Bail Bonds that will help your relative to come out from the jail. The bail agent can also help you in negotiating the bond amount. If you are able to provide cash bail, keep the receipt with you so that you can give the bill to your family member to return the money back.

  1. after the hearing

After the hearing is over, you can take your family member to home. If you are not able to take him home, find where your relative is being held or taken. Know about the visiting hours of that place.

If your relative is in jail until the trial, try to visit him as often when you are allowed. It is very good to learn about the rules and regulations of the jail. The best part to do is to hire a professional lawyer who can help you in this case.