Have you ever asked yourself why crimes, such as murder is happening in different parts of the world? If this crime also often happens in Texas, then you may think that there is no safer place to stay for everybody. When you go online and browse news stories, you can even find killings on the headlines. Those people may have their own reasons for committing a murder, but we should always remember that law is not in our hands. Therefore, whatever crime has done has a punishment and you have to face it.

Some people are too brave because they can kill other human beings. But, once you are caught and arrested for murder, then you have to be stronger in facing the charges. The police officers of Texas will arrest you and interrogation starts. Remember that anything you say will be used against you. So, you have to call a criminal defense lawyer. It would be best to seek first for a professional advice before answering different questions.

Now, whether you are involved in a murder case or not, you need to know what murder is in Texas and what punishments are usually charged to the accused. Having this knowledge would be very helpful for you to understand what is happening in different murder cases that you can read and hear from the news in the city or worldwide.

Types of murder

When you kill another human being with or without the intent to do, it is considered as a murder and that is unlawful. Such action is punishable by law and you cannot escape from it. A person, who has committed this crime is a murderer. Once you are convicted of this crime, you will forever be known as a murderer. You may be paying for your action and you will be imprisoned. But, for the family of the victims, that punishment will never be enough because the life of the person you killed will never come back.

The first degree or type of murder is a willful, deliberated, premeditated and unlawful killing of another person. This means that you have committed the crime after planning it and you have the intention to end someone else’s life. While a second degree or type of murder means that you undeniably and intentionally just want to harm or hurt someone and not to necessarily kill the victim. But, because of your recklessness, this action resulted in a victim’s death.

For the third degree or type of murder, you have neglected the victim and that caused his death. And then, the fourth degree charges the accomplice with a homicide. In an aggravated felony murder, the victim died while the felony crime was happening. The justifiable homicide applies in a self-defense situation and is not usually charged with the crime.

Punishment for murder cases in Texas

It is very important for an individual, who is accused with murder to have a lawyer because this is a very serious case. What if you were innocent of this crime, will you accept to be a prisoner and called as a convict? Of course, the family of the victim will never believe you when you tell them you did not do it. The first person, who needs to believe you is a criminal defense lawyer because he will defend you. The trial may take a long process because it always depends on the case presented. You may need to go online for more info about how long a trial for murder cases take long.

According to the Penal Code of Texas, which is in Chapter 12 and Section 12.32, the convict for the first degree murder will be charged with a $10,000 maximum fine and then, sentenced with a 5 to 99 years in prison. The parole will be possible only after 30 years.

In Section 12.31, it states there that a capital murder is considered as a capital felony offense, where the victim may be sentenced with a life in prison without a parole or a death penalty. But, this convict should be at least 17 years of age. And then, the parole will be eligible after 40 years and if the convict is under 18 years old.