Family is the smallest social group of society. Family is the basic element of a society. Individuals take their first education from the family. Families contribute to the social and economic structure of the countries. Countries have established certain rules of law to protect the rights of each family member and to solve the legal problems of the family, depending on personal rights and freedoms where the parties may be any individual or state of the family. Family lawyer should be contacted when legal problems to be solved among the members of the families should be solved. The family lawyers Brisbane work on two different categories. The first one; they work to solve the legal problems between the families. They work on cases of all families with legal problems. The second one; they work only for a family. They defend or advocate the family for legal matters, or any legal case that the family or members face.

There may be various legal problems or disagreements among the members of the family, and in such disputes, the members of the family should be able to solve the problems with the help of the family lawyer. If problems within the family cannot be solved by certain rules of law, then there may be bigger problems in the future.

Family lawyers are interested in a wide range of family law topics such as marriage, divorce, custody, child support, adoption, inheritance. Marriage is in order to be a family, the two individuals must come together with their free will and be made according to the rules of law. Marriages not made according to the rules of law are not in accordance with the law. The parties cannot claim any other rights. Marriage is the first step to create a family. Divorce is finishing of officially married individuals with various disputes. The subject of divorce is a subject requiring sub-expertise within family law.

Family lawyers look at divorce cases. Divorce is a subject that has wide procedures in itself.  Custody is a legal transaction to ensure that the children of divorced families live on the appropriate side. It is decided by the court where the child can develop psychologically and sociologically. If the custody of the children is given to any party, then the child can open a custody case again if he / she think that the environment in which the other individual lives is not suitable. If the child reaches the age of reintegration, the child is asked which side to choose for the right of custody. Alimony is the financial situation of the divorced individuals to the other side of the money is a certain amount of money. Adoption is giving a child in the state institutions that has lost their parents accompanied by legal rules to a family. After the child is completed and given to the family, the responsibility of the child belongs to the family. Heritage is the distribution of the goods of the parents who died for any reason according to the legal rules between the heirs.

A family lawyer who is well-versed in his field will always have the benefit of his family members, even if the result of the lawsuit is not favorable for the benefit of the person. Important thing is in family cases, the family in the case should be thought as a whole, the result benefits to the family. Family members may ask for personal benefit in the case of personal resentment. However, the fact that the case results in the benefit of the family, not the individual, allows them to live in a healthier and more stable way for all family members.