If you have purchased a property in past then it is very easy for you but if you are purchasing any kind of property like a house, flat for the first time or in simple words, if you are a non-experienced lawyer then you must not be aware about the leasehold and its laws. So, if you are planning to buy a property then you must be in the experienced hands and the experienced hands are someone who has the experience and a great knowledge of leasehold law I.e., leasehold solicitor.

Some important pointers, you need to know –

  • The first and foremost problem in which the people look for the solicitor is when he/she is asked to pay extra in order to extend the lease. Here, the role of leasehold solicitor comes in. The leasehold solicitor helps the clients in the best possible way. Their main aim is to provide the justice to their clients. According to research, a lot of people live in the leasehold properties. The leasehold property is nothing, but in which the property is owned by the client but the ground is not owned by the clients. Take the example of a flat which is owned by the owner but the ground is not owned by the client.
  • According to a survey, a lot of people suffer from the leasehold scandal every year and it is their right to hire leasehold solicitor. More precisely, it is better to hire an experienced solicitor for the issues like leasehold scandal. Do you know why? Because the experienced solicitor has enough experience of handling the leasehold cases as compared to the non-experienced solicitor.
  • Apart from this, if you are planning to buy a property then visit the leasehold solicitor for having an idea about the future consequences. While looking for the solicitor, it is better to look for the solicitor who lives in the local region because it is easy to get the information from them and they can be approached easily.

In the nutshell, whether you have owned a property or planning to own a property then it is your duty to get in touch with the leasehold solicitor.