According to Pew Research, American adults who are 50 years of age and older are divorcing at a stunning rate — divorce rates have nearly doubled since the 1990s. Statistically, Baby Boomers are healthier and living a lot longer than the average retirees of the past. The surge in divorce rates later in life can be one of the unintended consequences of longevity.

However, when it comes to divorce later in life, other intersectionalities come into play like financial independence,
dual investments, and relationships with adult children that make divorcing later in life a comparatively unique experience. That being said by researching divorce law experts such as Peters May Specialist Divorce & Family Lawyers In Mayfair, London your divorce can be handled sensitively and efficiently.

Effect of Divorce After 50

One of the most challenging aspects of divorce later in life is sifting through investments and separating joint accounts, contracts, and funds. Two sources of income that was used to support one household will now have to deviate; and if you have already retired, you may be stuck to a fixed income.

A house, for example, is a part of marital assets. Divorce should figure out the value of the home and divide it accordingly. However, emotions may get in the way, with one person in the marriage wanting to stay in the house. Social Security typically isn’t impacted, as long as the person who is claiming their spouse’s benefits isn’t remarried.

It’s natural for emotions to run high during this time — but it is essential that you adhere to a vision of what you want your life to look like after divorce, and take proactive steps and conjure up a realistic spending plan so that you end up in a situation that you will be comfortable and happy with over the long haul.

If you’re buying a home to retire in, consider moving close to close family members and friends. You want to be close to your social circle and support system so that you do not fall into isolation.

You may need to enter the job force. Even those who have comfortably retired may need to return to the workforce to make a living, which is especially true for women over 65, who risk falling beneath the poverty line. When reentering the workforce, it’s important to be flexible. Update your resume with relevant skills that you have garnered while retired.

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