Filing claims for personal injury cases can be a daunting task for someone who has no experience with litigations. Before taking your personal injury lawsuit to court, you will have to conduct an extensive investigation to collect evidence. It may take one several months to even years to complete the filing personal injury lawsuit’s initial process. Thus, it’s always recommended to seek legal help from personal injury attorneys Virginia Beach for cases.

Whether you choose to handle a personal injury lawsuit on your own or take help from lawyers, one must be aware of the process’s steps.

Step 1: Hire a personal injury lawyer

The first step to filing a claim for a personal injury accident starts with hiring a personal injury lawyer. Once you have finalized a personal injury lawyer, give them detailed information about your accident. From the accident’s location to the weather condition on the day of the accident, witnesses to information about the defendant, every detail can help the lawyer strengthen the case. With this information, lawyers assess the extent of the damages caused due to the accident and evaluate the compensation amount. At this stage, possible conflicts with the defendant, witnesses, or insurance company are addressed. You can either ask your family or friends to recommend any lawyer or look online for a personal injury attorney Virginia Beach VA.

Step 2: Investigation

Investigation stage, the lawyer, conducts thorough research to look for evidence that can establish the defendant’s fault. Lawyers spend their time collecting physical proofs and witnesses, recording statements, reviewing police reports and medical bills, etc.

Step 3: Collect medical records

Your medical reports and bills act as proof that you sustained injuries due to the accident. Since most insurance adjusters rely on medical bills and statements to determine damage amount, personal injury lawyers collect and review the victim’s medical records.

Step 4: Re-assessment

In cases where the damage is extensive and is not clear who is accountable for the accident, lawyers may gather other information and evidence. Sometimes lawyers have to put up ads on newspapers to connect with possible witnesses.

Step 5: Determining sources of insurance coverage

Most personal injury cases involve insurance companies for damage coverage. Your attorney will gather information about your insurance company and policies and collect information about the defendant’s insurance policies.

Step 6: Assessment of medical records

Medical records of the injured parties in an accident play a crucial role in determining the damage’s extent. There are times when accidents don’t have an immediate effect on the body of the victims. In cases of internal injuries or brain damage, the signs of injuries take time to manifest. Thus, lawyers advise parties involved in accidents to go for medical evaluation immediately.

Step 7: Negotiation

Many times, personal injury cases get solved outside the courthouse. If both the parties agree on outside-the-court-settlement, the patient will not go before the judge. If you decide to settle your case through an insurance settlement, your lawyer will negotiate the best deal for you.