Criminal law could be loosely defined as a branch of the extensive legal sector that deals with threatening actions inflicted upon the safety, property, moral welfare, and health of individuals. Enacted by the legislature, violating these laws could lead to capital punishments, solitary confinement, fines, house arrest, etc. There are five definite objectives that are accepted all across the globe for enforcing criminal law. Do you wish to know more regarding this? If yes, please do buy some time and take a close look at the below-mentioned pointers.

  • RETRIBUTION- When an individual has taken undue advantage or exacted unjustifiable detriment on others.
  • DETERRENCE- In case of individual deterrence, a specific person is taken under charge for committing offense. General deterrence is known for aiming the society
  • REHABILITATION- In case the conduct of an individual severely affects others around them. Well, the concerned person is taken under charge and reformed so that he turns into a valuable member of the society.
  • INCAPACITATION- This objective was primarily designed so that criminals could be kept away from the society and others are not hampered by their misdemeanor. Banishment and death penalties are included in this case.
  • RESTORATION- This form of objective actually helps a victim. It is through the laws of the state authority that injuries or any sort of harm inflicted are reversed.

When talking about criminal laws, do make sure to keep the stated objectives at the back of your mind.