The preparatory proceedings should not be underestimated, because it is the first interrogations and the materials collected, which are later used by the court, are carried out. Witnesses usually remember more during interrogations in investigations or investigations than in months and sometimes years of trial. The participation of a lawyer in the first interrogation as a suspect is often of key importance to the case, in a way “orientating” it in a given way.

Police interrogation is usually accompanied by stress, and many clients complain after the fact that their words have not been faithfully recorded in the protocol. The lawyers supervise the proper conduct of the interrogation and compliance with the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The criminal defense attorney monroe, ga is perfect there.


There is the deprivation of liberty, even before a final conviction is a difficult situation for both the suspect and his family. As a rule, detention and further activities happen suddenly. They help the nearest temporary detainees, they prepare complaints about the provisions of temporary detention or its extension, and they organize consents for seeing. The lawyers meet with persons temporarily arrested in custody throughout the country.

Active defense in court proceedings

One of the principles of the Polish criminal process is the presumption of innocence. Defender’s role in a criminal case is to ask uncomfortable questions, point to doubts as to the facts or search for circumstances in favor of the client. Depending on the type of case, knowledge of the case-law, a thorough examination of witnesses or an effective polemic with an expert opinion may be crucial. Each of the lawyers preparing a defense line for the client honestly informs him about the chances of success and weaknesses of the strategy. Sometimes, in order to obtain a favorable solution, it is necessary to conduct a criminal case by two instances, because only a higher court will accept the arguments presented by the lawyer.

Voluntary submission to punishment

A good lawyer is able to assess the real situation of the client and advise him on how to complete the criminal process, which will be the most advantageous one. Voluntary submission to punishment is not a capitulation, but a calculation of its benefits and losses. Deciding to submit to a voluntary punishment the lawyers are able to obtain a more lenient punishment, a conditional suspension of its execution or a shorter duration of the criminal measure. Considering voluntary surrendering to punishment, it is worth thinking about your situation calmly and not making a decision under the influence of stress, during interrogation at the police.

Conditional discontinuance of proceedings

Conditional discontinuance of proceedings is one of the options to terminate a criminal case, which allows minimizing negative consequences for the client. You can even call them an opportunity. Conditional discontinuance of proceedings allows the clients to maintain the status of a non-criminal, avoid punishment or restrict the scope of punitive measures, including in particular shorten the driving ban. Regulations and case law indicate in which cases such a chance becomes real.