What Do You Mean by Civil Marriage?

Simply, a civil marriage is a kind of marriage wherein a government or civil official handles the ceremony. It is not affiliated to any religion, but at the same time, meets the needed requirements of the jurisdiction where it is held.

Why Do People Choose to Have a Civil Ceremony?

There are a couple of reasons why a couple would want to have a civil marriage. The list below discusses those reasons:

  1. A religious ceremony makes a couple uncomfortable.
  2. It can be that they both have different religions and so they choose the most civil way of dealing with marriage to ensure that there are no issues that would arise.
  3. No one in a couple considers themselves as part of a religious group.

Is Civil Marriage Different from a Religious One?

Having a civil marriage means you will not need to do another ceremony because it is legally binding. On the other hand, a religious ceremony would mean that you need to go down to a city hall or a government department in your place that handles marriages and procure your marriage license.

Regardless though, a couple can have either one of them depending on what they want or prefer. Both will go through the same procedures: procession, opening remarks, vows, exchange of rings, pronouncement of union, kiss, closing remarks, and recessional.

There is also a possibility that an officiant may allow you to be more creative in a civil ceremony. A couple can choose their own music, have special readings, write their own vows, or basically have their wedding be customized.

Who Officiates a Civil Wedding?

There are different requirements in different countries with regard to who should officiate a civil wedding. However, it is known that legal officials, such as a judge, court clerk, notary public, magistrate, justice of the peace, etc. These people are the usual regulated individuals to conduct a civil wedding in a country.

You can check with a concerned government department about the official person who is legalized to perform a civil ceremony in your country.

How Can I Find Out About the Requirements?

It is advisable that you seek to consult some lawyers in Dubai about civil marriage. If you are residing in UAE, you can find legal consultants in Dubai like HHS lawyers & Legal Consultants who can give you information about the policies and laws the surround civil marriage. They can explain to you the requirements or even guide you with the best way to process your wedding.

They can find an officiant for you with reasonable fees and do the paperwork that you need to be done for your marriage license as well. With the help of a legal consultant, you can be sure that you will not need to do a lot of things for your civil marriage as they will assist you in a way that you will not need to be hassled by processing papers and such.