After the death of a loved one, you know that opening an estate is usually one of the first steps to take. Unfortunately, this stage can sometimes turn out to be stormy and complex: conflict between heirs, complicated joint ownership, contestation of wills, problems related to life insurance. In the event of a dispute, calling on an Estate Lawyer NYC is strongly recommended.

How to anticipate any litigation before the death of a loved one?

Do you notice that your loved one’s health is deteriorating (old age, illness, dementia, etc.), and you fear that some people have bad intentions towards them? Are you wondering how to avoid an abuse of weakness? Or is the situation already tense and you have noticed withdrawals from bank accounts?

How to anticipate any litigation before the death of a loved one?

In this situation, it is normal to feel lost and powerless to act and protect that loved one. Pain and sadness mingle fear and dismay. Rest assured, there are many alternatives available to you to make sure that the situation does not escalate! Indeed, if it is often difficult to act alone, this is where the Estate Lawyer NYC comes in. The latter will not only protect your loved one so that they are no longer a victim of such acts, but also protect your interests, in particular if such acts may have consequences for the future succession.

You are aware that legislation provides for legal protection in order to avoid any abuse of adults who are gradually losing their faculties or finding themselves in great difficulty (guardianship, curatorship, safeguard of justice). As such, safeguarding justice, simple or reinforced guardianship, or even guardianship is generally the preferred measures to best protect a loved one. In such a context, it is often recommended to hire the services of a lawyer. Indeed, the situation and the state of the relative in question deserve to be studied with a fine comb in order to choose the protection which would suit him best.

Do not doubt for a second that the Estate Lawyer NYC will be able to advise you on the best options to protect your loved one and avoid any litigation when settling the estate.

The inheritance lawyer can also help you prepare for your estate. Whether it is to check that the will deposited with the notary is in accordance with your last wishes and valid or to anticipate disputes, our lawyers help you anticipate your succession!

Difficult succession: what does the lawyer do?

You are going through a difficult time following the death of a loved one and you are worried that the settlement of the estate will be more complex than expected. Donations not reported, money in bank accounts disappeared, misappropriation of inheritance, joint ownership problems. There are indeed many sensitive points that deserve special analysis.

Summary: When it comes to the estate divisions and succession process, then choosing the professional estate lawyer happens to be a good step. Be it the disputes or the authentications, be it the aspect of legal protection and maintenance, all of these are properly taken care of by the lawyer leaving the successors absolutely at ease.