If you are obliged by a Court to pay child support and you lapse for whatever reason the Court can and will enforce its child support orders. The judicial courts are losing patience with delinquent parents that seem to think that they can lapse on their obligation to pay child support. However errant parents should be aware that they are likely to face an enforcement action and these are technical lawsuits that must be approach by a lawyer, knowledgeable in the enforcement of child support.

The role of the enforcement of child support lawyer is to provide professional services to clients whether they are a parent seeking the enforcement of child support payment or a parent defending against an action. Regardless, the lawyer will bring their experience to count as the enforcement of child support is a serious legal matter. Therefore, no matter what side of the argument you are on it is crucial that you are represented by a lawyer that specialized in not just family law but has experience in enforcement of child support.

Lawyers that specialize in this child support issues are often called to represent a parent against a motion for contempt, which may have come about through a private action in an effort to enforce the order. On the other hand, the motion for contempt may come through the courts if the payments were made through the court.

Whichever way the motion of contempt was raised it is important that if you are delinquent in paying child support to seek out a lawyer that is experienced and skilled in the legal processes of the enforcement of child support as these are highly technical lawsuits that must be precisely plead and presented to the court.

A common belief by many parent that have lapsed in their payments of child support is that the courts will not find them in contempt as they have been unlawfully denied access to their children by the custodial parent in the first place.It is the job of the enforcement of child support lawyer to explain to the errant parent that the legal position is that being denied access does NOT lawfully allow them to abstain from making the court ordered child support payments.

It is the job of the enforcement of child support lawyer to handle any case where there is such an unlawful denial of access to their client’s children. Indeed, the lawyer should instigate an appropriate action by filing a visitation rights hearing in order to resolve the issue.

The lawyer’s other tasks will often revolve around non-payment issues that have arisen through changes of circumstances that have prevented the parent from making the payment of the court ordered child support. Often parents will stop making the child support payments rather than seek legal assistance to file for a child support modification hearing.

Child support issues should always be handled by enforcement of child support lawyers and conducted through the proper legal channels to ensure your child support issues are handled properly.