According to several pieces of research carried out over a prolonged period all across globe, women feel blindsided when their husbands confirm intentions to part ways. Some thought their marriage was going well while others knew there were issues but did not imagine they could pave the way for a disastrous meltdown.

Well, regardless of the circumstances, divorce comes as a shock. Now, besides immense satisfaction, mentioned below are few distinct advantages you or any woman can relish on filing for a separation first. Please check them out right away.

You Gather Necessary Documentation Before Proceedings

It is extremely essential to secure copies of legal and financial documents, which comprise not only brokerage and bank statements but also real estate records, insurance policies, wills, vehicle registrations, etc.

Tracing these can be challenging if your husband is dominating or cagey about investments. Filing first means you will have necessary documentation arranged in a proper location before proceedings begin.

Your Divorce Team is Lined Up Ahead of Time

Scheduling appointment with an experienced divorce attorney, who has a team of qualified practitioners, help you achieve best possible outcome within a short period. For cases involving huge capital, you must also have a financial analyst by your side. Some women also book counselling session to get through this emotional rollercoaster ride seamlessly, and a vocational expert to re-enter as well as gain strong footing in vast job market.

You Make Sure You Have Easy Access to Credit or Funds

If you feel that divorce is in your future, consider saving money for the wide range of expenses involved. Make sure you can hire a proficient divorce team because relying on an amateur just because he or she is affordable leads to disastrous consequences. If you do not have a credit card, apply for one as soon as possible.

You Catch Hold of Each Asset

Although it seems deplorable, some men tend to hide assets during the divorce procedure. Filing first, especially if you live in a state that needs ATRO (Automatic Temporary Restraining Order), may save you from such deceitful tactics. You discover and claim right to each possession. Now isn’t that great?

You Select a Place for Adjudication

A divorce is usually held in the jurisdiction in which it is filed. If you and your partner have separated already, and live in different states, or if you spend time at both the homes in New York and Connecticut, for example, it is mandatory to go through implications of filing for divorce in two venues.

State laws are varying regarding vital considerations, namely, division of belongings, child custody, etc. You can select a place for adjudication as per your own convenience by taking action before your husband.

Filing for divorce first has disadvantages as well, which you must know prior to arriving at a decision. A woman must chalk down her demands or desires when petitioning. Well, the other party sees this list, and get an opportunity to plan a solid counterattack.

Also, apart from paying more fees, you close all doors of reconciliation by making the first move. For preventing divorce, or in other words, strengthening marriage, both you and your partner should communicate on a daily basis, share monetary expectations, forgive quickly, etc.