“Can I notarize a document for a family member? “is one of the most frequently asked questions the Toronto notary public should answer. Having a reliable and qualified family member is convenient when it comes to mundane aspects of life. However, can they give you a hand when it comes to notarizing services? The brief answer to this question is no. A Toronto notary public is not allowed to provide some notary services for family members.

Can a Notary Public Notarize for Family Members?

The notaries are not legally allowed to notarize a document for a family member. When a notary public verifies and validates a document for one of your family members, they may have some financial benefits. This may be a place for interest conflict and have some consequences.

For example, when you want to notarize a property deed for your parents, there is a financial interest for you too, by default. This explains why most notary publics in Toronto refuse to provide notary public services for one of your family members. However, this matter may include a legal side, which is a little complicated.

Is Getting Notary Public Services for Family Members Legal?

Regardless of ethics, have you wondered are you legally allowed to get notarization for your family members? If you want to get a signature notarized, the person signing the document should be present in the notary public session, and the notary public witness his signature. However, if you need to certify a true copy of your document, it is possible to have the true copy notarized for your friend, a family member, etc. We should note that for certifying a true copy of your document, it is necessary to have your original document with you.

Signature Notarization on a Document

When you need to put your signature on a legal document, like affidavit, government forms, statutory declaration, etc. and have your signature authenticated and verified before a notary public, you should make an appointment with a notary public. In this session, you will sign the document before the notary public, and they will authenticate if your signature is the same as the one on your identification card.

Certifying the True Copy of Your Documents

The first thing you need for the process of certifying a true copy is a readable and clear photocopy of your document. Degrees, diplomas, certificates, identifications, and transcripts are among the documents that a person can ask to certify their true copies.

What Do You Need for the Notarization Processes?

There are some necessities that you must bring with you when visiting a notary public. To have a brief look at them, check the list below:

The Document That Needs to Be Notarized

If your document is a form that you should fill out, you should fill out the form first and before you visit the notary public. Then you shouldn’t sign your document before visiting the notary public.

Two Pieces of Valid, Government-issued, Photo Identifications

Government-issued photo ID cards such as driver’s license, passport, citizenship card, etc., are required when you want to get notarization services.