By law, corporations and most businesses are required to declare bankruptcy through an attorney. As an individual, you may not be necessarily required to have one. However, it is still important that you get the legal advice of one if you want the proceedings to go as smoothly as possible. Avoiding complications with the law, later on, can help you avoid even further monetary dilemmas after you file for bankruptcy. There are lawyers in Fairfax that can help you with your bankruptcy declaration. Knowing which one to go with is important so below is a guide on how to find one that suits you best.


The attorney that you talk to should be plan-oriented. Deviating from a plan is something that we all do when there are specific requirements on how to approach different cases, but it is important that you go with a lawyer that can work with you on an outline of a plan and use that plan moving forward. Your bankruptcy has to be as detailed as possible before you declare for it. Your plans will involve the chapter of your bankruptcy and why you chose to declare for such. You can also get help as to what you do after you declare for bankruptcy with your other assets through an attorney.


It’s vital that you ensure you only talk to the more lawyers in Fairfax. This is to help avoid miscommunication because of the lack of it when you are trying to declare for bankruptcy. Though not common, there are indeed cases when a person filed for the wrong chapter and ended up losing more than they would’ve because they weren’t being given the information that they needed. Make sure that you are given the time that you need to be informed and knowledgeable by yourself so you can make an intelligent decision. Informed decisions will lead you to an accurate and complete testimony.


There are different lawyers in Fairfax. Going through all of them, you might not have an easy time trying to find which ones are better when it comes to declaring bankruptcy. However, there are websites that you can go to so you can find the public career history of a lawyer. Check whether or not they’ve worked on bankruptcy declarations in the past and how efficient they were in doing so. You can also ask for a referral in the law firms around you if you have time to look for an attorney on a more personal level.


While not a priority, it is still a lot more beneficial to work with a lawyer that has a network of contacts that they can refer to you if you are in need of bridging services. As you file for bankruptcy, you might need relief from other aspects of your life especially when it comes to your finances. A lawyer that has worked with other professionals in the past can let you know what the better approach may be and which ones can help you avoid any legal complications in the process.

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