Law firms are constantly in a tussle with someone or the other. The stress of securing new clients and managing existing lawsuits can be enough to drive attention away from the extremely important advertising tool of a website.

Here are 6 easy tips to optimize a website and establish the law firm as the most effective among the bunch.

1.   Long-Form Content

Long-form content is proven to rank higher in search results. This is mainly because it increases click-through-rate or CTR and reduces bounce rate. Long-form content on an SEO website can contain all the information one may need like common law bottlenecks faced, FAQs and the services that can help them.

2.   Website Navigation

When visiting law firm websites, users are most likely looking for services offered by the firm. Thus, it is important that the website displays all its core practice areas up front. Apart from improving usability, posting practice areas clearly also boost rankings as it is easier for search engines to scan the website and establish the main focus of the business.

3.   Keyword Usage

An appropriate keyword usage is an indispensable tool in any law firm SEO plan. Title tags should mandatorily have at least one keyword. While the algorithm doesn’t check it, Meta description with keywords performs well in attracting visitors. Law firm websites can seamlessly incorporate keywords in their alt tags for added effectiveness.

4.   Links

Internal links and backlinking are major law firm SEO factors. Internal links help keep the user on the website for longer. Internal linking can be done for one informational web page or service to another. Law firm websites can strive for quality backlinks by incorporating good quality outbound links to credible websites.

5.   Statistics

Setting up a law firm website is only half the job. It’s important to monitor the progress of the website regularly in order to stay relevant in the competition. Web ranking software like Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics are excellent tools to achieve this. Google AdWords shows various listings in specific cities.

6.   Social Media

Law firms often participate in charities and other functions to gain clients. This can be turned into social media marketing by posting the photographs taken during these events on social media websites. Law firm social media accounts can also have details about each team member and direct interaction through comments making them more approachable to the customers.

Optimizing a law firm website is not an easy task, which is why, it is advisable to work with only the best law firm SEO company to successfully manage statistics, place links, and incorporate keywords.