Is your law firm’s staff feeling overwhelmed right now? Perhaps your firm is turning down valuable cases, simply because you don’t have the resources to take them all on.

If so, you’re not alone.

In America today, lawyers are reporting higher levels of stress and are feeling more overwhelmed than ever. Part of this is due to this rapid growth within the legal industry over the past decade, which has seen demand skyrocket and staffing unable to catch up.

However, this doesn’t need to be an implacable problem. All you need is an effective law staffing strategy to ensure your firm is well-equipped. If you’re part of a new firm, here are the top law staffing strategies you’ll want to follow.

1. Diverse Law Staffing is Everything

New law firms hiring an entire team have a golden opportunity to build a diverse powerhouse of professionals from scratch.

In the modern world, not only will a diversity-focused hiring process keep your firm compliant, it will ensure you have a diverse range of talent and mindsets at your disposal.

Prioritize hiring people from different backgrounds and experiences above all else. This will give your firm a competitive advantage and keep you compliant with discrimination laws.

2. Outsource!

If you want to hire law employees, don’t try to do it all on your own. Most professional law firms use professional outsourced recruiting and hiring to make the job easier.

You can get professional legal process outsourcing help wherever you are in America, no matter what field you specialize in. This will save you time, stress, and resources as you grow your firm.

3. Hire the Right People First

All law firm employees are invaluable. However, in the early days of a firm, it is vital to focus on hiring the core staff that will keep everything functioning. This means that, before focusing on top-tier talent, admin and HR are essential.

Paralegals should be your first and foremost hire. After this, you’ll want to hire receptionists, clerks, legal assistants, and document translators. Once you have this foundation, you can move forward.

4. Keep Your Values at the Forefront

If you want to hire legal talent that fits your firm, make sure to keep your values and your ethos at the front and center. What your firm is all about should be the first thing people read in recruitment ads.

It should be essential to the interview process. It should be at the front of your mind when deciding on a potential hire. If a person doesn’t share your values, they won’t contribute to your growth.

5. Don’t Rush the Process

Finally, it is essential to be patient. Even if you’re off to a great start and the contracts are pouring in, don’t rush to fill your office just so the workload is more manageable.

The right hiring choices can give you a talented and loyal team for life. That’s something that should never be hurried.

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