Have you ever had to settle a legal dispute with a family member? If not, it’s not likely that you’ve given much thought to the purpose of a family law attorney.

What is a family law attorney? Why would someone need one?

A family law attorney manages and tries to settle legal problems between family members.

You may need to hire a family law attorney for a child custody case, in the event of a divorce, an adoption, for the formation of a pre-nuptial agreement, to determine guardianship, and for emancipation cases.

They also oversee family estates and mediation and offer legal advice.

Are you going through a rough patch and find yourself in need of the support of a family law attorney? Keep reading to learn the right questions to ask during a consultation with a family law attorney, Charleston, SC.

1. How Many Cases Have You Had Like Mine?

A family law attorney may have handled hundreds of family law cases, but how many cases like yours have they handled? You want someone familiar with your issue.

While every case is unique, it’s helpful if you hire someone who knows the part of the law that pertains to your case. They can rely on past experience and proceed in an effective manner.

2. How Much Will My Case Cost?

Ask questions regarding how they bill as well as how much.

Is there an hourly rate? Do you have a flat fee option for my type of case? What things do you charge for? Is there a charge per phone call or email? What about postage, miles, copies, etc?

How much is the upfront retainer fee? Can you give me a ballpark figure of how much this might end up costing?

3. Do You Think My Case Will Result in a Positive Outcome?

While there is no way to know exactly what the result of a legal proceeding will be, a qualified attorney knows the chances of being successful. If you don’t have a leg to stand on, they will tell or they should. No use wasting their time and your money.

On the other hand, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Family law cases almost always involve some compromise, so don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll get everything you want.

Looking for the best family law attorney? Get the compensation and representation you deserve.

Family Law Attorney, Charleston, SC

Now that you know the questions to ask a family law attorney, Charleston, SC, you are prepared for your consultation. Top family law attorneys will have the right answers to your questions.

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